VideoHive Fireplace 12070943

Stock Footage \ Lifestyle
Mature Cherry 3

VideoHive Mature Cherry 3 12070355

Stock Footage \ Nature
Ripe cherry tree fruit industry to a meal
Shopping at Weekend

VideoHive Shopping at Weekend 12124883

Stock Footage \ Lifestyle
Dynamic side view of three unidentified shoppers strolling along the store with shopping bag
Couple of Climbers

VideoHive Couple of Climbers 12137562

Stock Footage \ Lifestyle
Two backpackers climbing the hill leisurely
Man Playing Trumpet

VideoHive Man Playing Trumpet 12070996

Stock Footage \ People
Man is playing on trombone along with orchestra. The trombone is a musical instrument in the brass family. Like all brass instruments, sound is produced when the player s vibrating lips (embouchure) cause the air column inside the instrument to vibrate. Please rate if you like it from your purchased items page! Also, check my best After Effects project Film Projector Old Memories (usefull as romantic video introduction) if you like: projector old memories/4128455 or usefull RETRO TV with ALPHA CHANNEL ...
Hitting Jigsaw on Camera

VideoHive Hitting Jigsaw on Camera 12071315

Stock Footage
Jigsaw sawing a board, Full HD video
Diving Reflex

VideoHive Diving Reflex 12157764

Stock Footage \ Kids
Close up of infant submerged under water swimming to the surface
Waves Atlantic Ocean Breaking onto Rocks

VideoHive Waves Atlantic Ocean Breaking onto Rocks 12071713

Stock Footage \ Slow Motion
Waves Atlantic Ocean Breaking onto Rocks, slow motion
Absorbed in Device

VideoHive Absorbed in Device 12147652

Stock Footage \ Lifestyle
Cropped mother teaching her child to use a touchpad
Delicious Sweetness

VideoHive Delicious Sweetness 12147996

Stock Footage \ Weather
Little girl eating a dessert and smiling satisfied