Tree Bark

GraphicRiver Tree Bark 10787453

Texture \ Wood
Tree bark quality which is great for games, animations and backgrounds. The texture is 30000X2000 in size and JPG, image format are included in the pack.
29 Hi-Res Fabric with Classic Designs Embossed

GraphicRiver 29 Hi-Res Fabric with Classic Designs Embossed 10774329

PACK of 29 Fabric with classic design embossed textures/backgrounds, photographed at 22 MegaPixel with Canon 5D Mk III + L lens, Exported from Raw Files. From 11 to 24 mb each file, good for elegant design.
Red Foil Seamless HD Textures Pack v.2

GraphicRiver Red Foil Seamless HD Textures Pack v.2 10784470

Texture \ Metal
Red Foil Seamless and Tileable Textures Pack This is second Red Foil Seamless and Tileable Background Textures Pack . Luxury and glamour red foil patterns have dimension of 3000X3000 px and 300 dpi resolution. This pack is very helpful if you want to create some red foil holiday backgrounds for your poster, website or business card. You can use it for web, print and 3D texturing purposes. Buying Red Foil Textures Pack you will get 15 high resolution jpeg files .
Wood Planks Tile Texture

3DOcean Wood Planks Tile Texture 10815523

Texture \ Buildings \ Wood
Tileable Wood Plank texture good for interior scenes. The texture is 4096X4096 px Other maps included are: Normal, Specular, Bump and Occlusion.
Ceiling Tile Texture

3DOcean Ceiling Tile Texture 10753657

Texture \ HDRI Images \ Interior
This is a PBR (Physically Based Rendering) texture, of foam ceiling tiles, perfect for industrial buildings and offices. The textures are all 1024X1024 pixels, and tile perfectly, so they can be used on any size or shaped surface. It comes complete with all the necessary maps to create a PBR Material in the engine of your choice, including Unity5, Unreal 4 and if you wish it includes a version that will work in non PBR or last generation game engines and renderers.
Stone Floor Tile 01

3DOcean Stone Floor Tile 01 10755479

Texture \ Tiles
This texture tiles perfectly and was created from a High poly sculpt, comes with color/albedo/diffuse, normal, and roughness/gloss/specular, but you can use only the diffuse map if you so wish. Feel free to alter the texture to make it fit your needs. Textures comes in both PNG, TGA and JPEG Formats At 2048X2048, the Layered PSD and TIFF files are also included, so you can easily make changes to the textures. And of course if you have any questions or request please mail me.
Hand Paint CG Texture Stone Ground Tile G1

3DOcean Hand Paint CG Texture Stone Ground Tile G1 10741126

Texture \ Stone
Hand Paint CG Texture Stone Ground Tile G1 This is a tile able seamless, hand painted CG Stone Ground texture. Included is three versions at 2048X2048, 1024X1024, 512X512 pixels in PNG format. Package inside Diffuse Map, Displacement Map, Normal Map, Specular Map. These textures are great for using with 3D Project, Game, Cartoon, Furniture, Wall, Rock, Ground, Movie, Film, App & More Thank you for looking, Don t forget to check out my other itemsĄ­ If you purchase my Products, please take a moment to rate it ! Thanks a Lot
Open Grass Field 3 HDRI

3DOcean Open Grass Field 3 HDRI 10742015

Texture \ HDRI Images \ Exterior
Skydome panorama of an Open Grass Field to be used as a spherical environment or light source in 3D scenes. It includes a 6000X3000 pixels High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) and a 2000X1000 pixels JPG to be used as a reflection map.
Desert 221

3DOcean Desert 221 10699072

Texture \ HDRI Images \ Exterior \ Sky \ Blue Cloudy
CG HDRI view 180/360, for 3D scenes, as the environment and good enough to be used as the actual background.
Snowy Grass Seamless Texture

3DOcean Snowy Grass Seamless Texture 10722963

Texture \ Ground \ Snow
Snowy Grass Seamless Texture Perfect for gaming and animation. Created from photographs. Displacement, Normal, Occlusion and Specular JPG Maps are all included in this download! Displacement Map can also be used as a bump map. Enjoy!